Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona statuette. 1997. #829 of ?. Kotobukiya


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A freshly deflocked Magic Star!  She was the first adult pony I found out in the wild so I’ve grown kind of fond of her.  Since Majesty isn’t yet a part of my collection, she’s watching over Spike and the castle until she gets here.   And Spike’s being such a gentleman and helping her stand!

She’s amazing!! A deflocked rearing Magic Star is one of my most wanteds! Did you deflock her yourself? Great work!

I would deflock my SS Magic Star but she reminds me of my childhood the way she is now.

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I love Kirby’s Dream Course. MEMORIES. I just called him yellow Kirby.

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The MLP Series Resource Giveaway!


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It’s time we did a giveaway here at the MLP Series Resource. To celebrate the upcoming re-release of the original My Little Pony series on DVD I’m going to be giving away three copies of the complete set! In addition, I’ll be giving away two copies of “Escape from Catrina and Other…

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