It’s my birthday!

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TADAAAA! Gotta say I’m actually kinda happy that Moultrie was out of the Save Frankie dolls because Dad took me to Clearance to scope it out and see what was there AND THEN BAM HERE ARE THESE TWO GIRLFRIENDS JUST SITTING THERE! They weren’t REALLY on Clearance as you may be able to see and I was just going to get Frankie because she’s one of my fave Frankies to date and I was SO happy to see she had a GORGEOUS face and her bangs are pushed up a bit but that’s an easy fixer! I didn’t want Dad to have to pay 40 bucks for these two but I was kinda vocal on how it was kinda killing me inside to leave Lagoona behind because she has one of the best Lagoona faces I’ve seen and she’s not in production anymore and it was going to KILL me to leave Frankie’s girlfriend just sitting there especially when they’re from the same line! So while we were in line, Dad went back and got her and I’m so so so sooooo thankful! Lagoona does have a few issues, but nothing that ain’t fixable! She’s got what looks like a bit of glue on her face, but it’s not sticky just a bit shiny and that can be taken care of easily! She’s also got a bit of a larger clump of glitter that can be fixed, too, with just a dull finger nail! I also noticed that on the right side of her head (right when looking at her but it’s her left) that there was a hole where some hair had not been placed and it left a bit of a bald spot. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like that seeing as how it’s right where the start of the braid should lay flatter, but either way her braid can be moved to cover it easily! So, with super minor issues, I’m EXTREMELY pleased with how beautiful they were and even satisfied MY pickiness! I can’t wait to display them one day!

Lagoona is definitely my favorite. So pretty!

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Another quick drawing, this time of two Dittos, one shiny and one not.


finished some $20-25 sketch commissions recently. i’m posting the ACNL ones here. the commissioner requested Coco wearing a muumuu, excellent choice. i wish the muumuu pattern was a shirt, haha.

30 Helens Agree…

to disagree.


They could’ve just said “fade it out and back in inside the room”

But then it wouldn’t be FF7.

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